Kingston Area Markets 2018

Market Location                                    Day & Time                 Market Contact & Website
Community Harvest Market               Wednesday 2-5               Kathy Sturmey
St. Matthew's United Church               June-Oct.                       ksturmey@storm.ca
31 Weller Ave.(@Montreal St.)                                                 (Tara 613-544-4525 ext 113)
Kingston                                                                                   www.communityharvestkingston.com
Frontenac Farmers’ Market                Saturdays 9-2                 Laura Simmons
Prince Charles Public School             May -Oct.                     information@frontenacfarmersmarket.ca                      
6875 Hwy #38, Verona                                                            (613) 372-0163
Verona                                                                                      www.frontenacfarmersmarket.ca
Gananoque Farmers’ Market              Thursdays 4-7              Mary Wooding (613) 382-8709
Town Hall Park, 30 King St. W          June-Oct.                     ganfarmersmarket@gmail.com
Gananoque                                                                               www.ganfarmersmarket.ca                                                                        
Memorial Centre Farmers’ Market     Sundays                      Emma Barken
303 York Street,  Kingston                 Year round                 memorialcentremarket@gmail.com
May-Oct (on the grass)                            9-2                          (613) 572-7059
Nov-Apr (in the barn)                            10-2                           www.memorialcentremarket.ca
Odessa Farmers’ Market                      Fridays 2-6                 Brad Smith (613) 572-2065
231 Main St. (Fairgrounds)                 May -Oct.                    odessafarmersmarket@gmail.com
Odessa                                                                                     www.odessafair.ca   
Sharbot Lake Farmers’ Market            Saturdays 9-1             Natalie Wotherspoon
Sharbot Lake Public Beach                  May -Oct.                  slfminformation@gmail.com
Sharbot Lake                                                                           www.sharbotlakefarmersmarket.ca
Westbrook Farmers’ Market                Wednesdays 2-6         Dale Somerville
Westbrook United Church                    May -Oct.                   dale.somerville01@gmail.com
3526 Princess St.,                                                                    (613) 389-8900
Kingston                                                                                  www.facebook.com/farmfreshinwestbrook/
West Market                                       Saturdays 9-3              Ruthie Cummings 647-997-9463
130 Days Rd at Front                                  May-Oct.                       cummingsruthie@gmail.com
Kingston                                                                                 www.westmarketkingston.simplesite.com               
Yarker Farmers’ Market                    Every other Saturday    Lynn Renaud
Riverside United Church                          9-1                         lynnmrenaud@hotmail.com
2 Mill St., Yarker                                June 16 –Sept 29         (613) 377-6385
Kingston Public Market              Tues. Thurs. & Sat.             Amy Stephenson
Springer Market Square                        9-6                             astephenson@cityofkingston.ca
Kingston                                           Apr. – Nov.                    (613) 546-4291 ext. 1801





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